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Earth Day is everyday!

The planet we call home deserves more recognition than just a day or a month, our planet deserves our recognition, unconditional love, and care 365 days a year.

Our planets geographical structure is shifting and we have all seen the reports about the very reality of us not being able to repair the damage that has already been done unless we take extremely drastic measures to save our home. Unfortunately, corporations and large government operations are the things that weigh the most on our planets demise.

We are here to let you know that the small changes DO help. We can still make an impact on trying to save our home if we all band together to make changes to our daily routines that reduce waste and pollution. Below is a handful of things you can do improve our planets health!

+Unplug your devices from outlets

+Turn lights off when they are not in use

+Use bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic

+Reusable bags (for shopping) sprouts is a great example of that; they offer reusable bags for grains

+Try to say no to straws when eating out

+If you drink Starbucks every day, you should invest in a reusable cup and even save a little off your purchase with them.


+Washable makeup wipes over disposable makeup wipes

+Plant flowers, trees, and your own garden

+Pick up trash

+Try to consciously reduce the amount of waste you produce



+Instead of purchasing individual plastic water bottles, purchase a reusable water bottle and get the 5 gallon water container and fill both up as needed.

+Reusable cutlery

+Buy in bulk instead of single packaging


There are so many more amazing ways you can help. Tell us the ways you like to go green!

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