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Treat your body like a Temple

-Photo by Terralynn Joy | IG @terra.xoxo | Twitter @terralynnjoyy

Everyone always wants great hair and amazing skin and a rockin’ body, but aside from a good diet and good exercise, the products you use on your body make a difference too. When you feel good, you look even better. 

A lot of products claim to be organic or natural but still have harmful chemicals and things we do not need or want in or on our bodies. Sometimes you need to use chemical products, but we shouldn’t use them too often. Below are some of my favorite products that are reasonably priced. Some are natural and come have chemical components. 

These are all products that are mainly used on the skin, but some can be used on your hair as well. Stay tuned. 


+ Aloe Vera | $3-$6 depending where you get it... it does not need to be a specific brand.

      -This gem is constantly looked over. Although it is known for its healing agents when you lay or play in the sun too long, it also has many other benefits. I personally love using aloe vera in place of hair gel. Gel is flaky and makes your hair dirty fast. It is hard to go two days without washing your hair if you have used gel. When using aloe vera as a gel you will find that it doesn't flake and make your hair feel oily and gross. 

    - After a nice hot shower it is nice to rub aloe vera on the face before bed. 

+ Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel (aloe vera formula) *wink wink | $7-$10

     - Toner was never a big deal for me because it usually dried the living daylight out of my face...get alcohol free duh is what you are saying. I know. So alcohol free it is, and let me tell you, it is amazing. It is so nice to not have harsh chemicals applied to the delicate skin on our face. 

+Shea Moisture daily hydration overnight face oil | $9-$10 easily found in target.

    - I apply this both before bed and before my moisturizer in the morning. The key is to not over use the product; meaning only use 1-4 small drops. This leaves my skin feeling super moisturized. I cannot say that this product alone is the reason dark spots or scarring may go away or be reduced, but giving your skin the elements it needs to repair itself is vital. I typically use this product with Cocoa Butter which will be listed next.

+Cocoa Butter w/ vitamin E | $4-7

    - I use this religiously. It is great for lotion, face lotion, and dark spot treatments. Vitamin E oil is superb for the skin. Cocoa butter with vitamin E is an untouchable force. Mind you, I do not get breakouts from using any of these products. 

+ Terra-Tory natural/hypoallergenic soap | $8-$28 depending on individual bars or bundle deals.

   - This is one of my new favorite soaps. First and foremost, it smells fantastic. It is an all natural soap so I used it on my hair as well and I was in love with the results. Curly hair gets dry fast and this soap keeps my hair completely moisturized and tames my frizz. Kill two birds with one stone why don't you. I use it to wash my face and body as well and I am overjoyed with the way my skin feels after just one use. My hair and skin have definitely been loving me more since I have added this to my skin care and hair care routine. 

+ All of the products listed above are products I live by. You only see two products I use for my hair...that I because Aloe Vera and Terra-Tory are the only products I currently use in my hair. I used to occasionally use oil in my hair, but since I switched to terra-Tory soap I have not needed to use any. I hope you all try these products if you see them fit for you. I am not licensed esthetician, and I can guarantee that some of these products they wouldn't really say worked, because lets be frank, they want you to use some ritzy product most of the time. Anyways, if you are ballin' on a budget or rich, save your coin and use products that will love you back. I hope you all enjoy! 

P.S. Don't forget to eat your fruits, veggies, and protein. 

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