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The POP-UP Oakland Creatives

The POP-UP Oakland took place on January 27th 2018 at the Cypress Mandela Training Center. The Cypress Mandela Training Center operates as a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization to train low income, unemployed individuals, and veterans to transition into gainful employment and is located in Oakland, a city of approximately 400,000 with one of the most ethnically diverse population in the United States. The Cypress Mandela Training Center offers a 16-week pre-apprenticeship program for Bay Area men and women over 18 years old. Training is both hands on and in the classroom and prepares students for skilled trades jobs relevant to the current construction industry. The program provides training, skills assessment and testing, as well as, job placement and has received local and national recognition.

Now we will take a look at the creatives who played a major role in this show.


We had two makeup artists who took on the task of doing all of the models makeup for the show.

+First we have the stunning Brianna Valencia who came all the way from LA to support this show. Brianna has a profound background in makeup. This gem helped in more areas than just makeup. The POP-UP is truly thankful for Brianna and all of her support.



+Next we look at one beautiful soul who is also extremely talented. Her makeup skills are to die for. Daejah Dedrick came from Santa Rosa to do makeup for the show. She showed true enthusiasm for this project and her drive definitely showed in her work!



Next we have our photographers! We had some truly talented photographer on our team. We are beyond grateful for all they have contributed to the show. All of these photographers are Bay Area based. You will find each of their instagram accounts below their names, check them out and book them.

+ Shawn Washington | @shwnwshngtn

+ Dre Carter | @cartershotya

+ Somiah Nettles | @somiahnett

+ Simran Saraan | @simsaraan


+We have the stunning Jamie Charoen. Jamie was The POP-UP Oakland's entertainment. She dazzled the crowd with her phenomenal vocals. Jamie also traveled from LA just for the show!

@jamiecharoen |

+We had the honor of having the one and only Diamonique Threat DJ for our show.

@sweetestthreat |

+Oh boy, up next is Ryan Shastri as the emcee!

@_boyfromthenorth |


The POP-UP Oakland was our first show and it was a success. We were very proud of the turn out and cannot wait for the future shows to come. The biggest thank you goes to the Oakland team. The show would not have been possible without all of the beautiful souls and talent that came out to support! Thank you again!

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